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Our mission is making GEOINT available between national systems and field operations for any mission, anywhere on the planet.

Their Mission

America’s warfighters are the best in the world, but they’re not GIS experts. When they need actionable GEOINT, TerraGo delivers.

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TerraGo software is designed and used for the efficient dissemination of preliminary, intermediate and finished intelligence and/or operational products to end users. End users of these products are not trained to use sophisticated systems. To resolve this challenge, TerraGo takes two technological approaches to deliver the optimal user experience across platforms. For desktop users, TerraGo’s technology transforms the free Adobe® Reader® into a cost-effective data viewing, manipulation and collaboration tool for anyone, regardless of software skills, anywhere in the world. For mobile users, TerraGo’s mobile applications, powered by TerraGo Magic, rival the ease of use of consumer apps while operationalizing advanced imagery and location-based features.

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Deliver Intelligence to Any Location

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency provides the GEOINT that decision makers, warfighters and first responders need, when they need it most. TerraGo helps by making GEOINT accessible to all end users, so they don’t need proprietary software or extensive training… or even a network connection, because all TerraGo GeoPDF solutions and mobile applications work offline in the most hostile conditions.

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R3 is a mobile data collection and collaboration app customized for the missions of reconnaissance, response and recovery. With R3, users can successfully work offline and off the grid in the most challenging environments. Field users can access basemaps from any GIS, map and imagery sources while exchanging location-tagged reports, forms, photos, videos and more.

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A Ground Forces Common Operating Picture

Ground Forces deliver mission-critical data from a vast network of platforms to the warfighter. Disseminating content to the multitude of end user systems can be the hardest part. If they need GIS software to see it, the system’s already broken. That’s where TerraGo comes in, helping militaries deliver geo-referenced intelligence to anyone, anywhere.

Sharing Superior Situational Awareness

Over 10 years ago, the US Army Geospatial Center discovered and embraced GeoPDF as an innovative means of converting complex NGA and USGS geospatial data sets into simple map products that can be exploited by all users with free software. SInce then, TerraGo has continued to work closely with AGC to extend GeoPDF with enhancements like 3D and OGC GeoPackage.

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GeoINT Goes to Sea

Limited by low bandwidth and cyber threats, sailors aboard even the most advanced aircraft carriers in the world rely upon data, images and products that are produced and prepackaged elsewhere. The NGA’s longstanding partnership with the Navy continues to provide critical linkages between GEOINT-related systems, products and processes utilizing TerraGo GeoPDF and portable navy systems.

Force Multiplier

In 2015, NGA deployed veteran imagery analyst Rob Stiver aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt as the first of two “ship riders” in a pilot program. “It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to give these sailors the proficiency to make better use of GEOINT at a tactical level….GEOINT is one of those force multipliers for the Navy,” said Stiver.

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Special Operations

The SpecOps community is a rapidly growing user base for TerraGo software. TerraGo solutions are a great fit with special operators, working in austere, and bandwidth-constrained, environments. The importance of GEOINT for special operations forces is growing in today’s world. “A collateral benefit of the intense [counter-terrorism] fights in Iraq and Afghanistan is a finely tuned, hand-in-glove GEOINT-SOF relationship.”

GEOINT for Operators

The SpecOps environment precludes operators from having full connectivity to national systems or a full range of technology available at any moment. But they still have the requirement to where the good guys and bad guys are located. TerraGo delivers a range of technology that include mobile applications, 2D and 3D GeoPDF products and digital GeoPDF atlases.

Download - Bin Laden Compound 3D Imagery

Keeping the Nation Safe

The US shares 7,000 miles of land border with Canada and Mexico, and a coastline of over 12,000 miles. Our borders need protection from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit. TerraGo helps agents fulfill their mission by sharing border imagery, maps and geospatial data with agents and agencies.

Responding When Disaster Strikes

Federal government emergency management and preparedness agencies depend on GEOINT solutions to help coordinate with partner agencies before, during and after disasters to reduce impact and accelerate recovery. Cross-agency coordination means GEOINT has to be universally sharable without proprietary software; a disaster means GEOINT has to work offline without a network. On both counts, TerraGo solutions are ready when they need us most.

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Extending the Reach of Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP)™

BAE Systems and TerraGo have a long history of successful collaboration for our defense and intelligence customers, based on extending the value of BAE’s Geospatial eXploitation Products (GXP)™. Starting with adding 2D GeoPDF features to SOCET GXP® back in 2008, we’ve introduced numerous innovations, including 3D GeoPDF and most recently the mobile application GXP InForm.

Mobile Field Reporting for Any Operation

GXP InForm™, an add-on module for GXP Xplorer®, helps better connect command units and fielded operators with actionable imagery, location-based reporting and cloud-based collaboration. With GXP InForm, users can quickly customize forms, maps and workflows to support any operation. All GXP InForm features are available without network connectivity so personnel can get the job done under the most demanding conditions.

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